Amazon Professional Sellers' Summit

Get up close and personal with top Amazon sellers and industry leaders in this exclusive one-day event.

More than 500 leading eCommerce professionals attended our previous summit in LA, Miami, New York and London.

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Tuesday, May 24,
8:30am to 5:00pm
Light breakfast, lunch
and drinks reception
included: certified kosher
Dream Hotel
355 West 16th St.
New York, NY
Tuesday, May 24,
8:30am to 5:00pm
Top Amazon sellers, by invitation only

Registration & Breakfast



Victor Rosenman
CEO & Founder, Feedvisor

Building a Brand Off Amazon: How to apply multichannel marketing for effective growth

Pat Petriello
Head of Marketplace Strategy, CPC Strategy

The Alchemy of Private Label: How to grow a profitable brand on Amazon

10:45 - 11:30am
Andrew Forster
Strategic Account Manager, Feedvisor

Coffee Break


Sellers Panel: Actionable steps to building a meteoric online business

Moderator: Lori Vardi-Brigg
VP Global Customer Success, Feedvisor


12:30 - 1:30pm

Busting Amazon Myths: Breaking through the most common seller misconceptions

1:30- 2:15pm
Peter Kearns
Director of Customer Success West Coast, Feedvisor

Unlock the Amazon hidden metrics to avoid suspension

Cynthia Stine
Founder of Online Sales Step by Step

Ask the Amazon Experts Panel: Get key insights to leverage your business success

Paul Demery
Managing Editor, Internet Retailer Magazine

VIP Drinks & Networking


Speakers and Panelists

Victor Rosenman
CEO & Founder, Feedvisor
Victor established Feedvisor in 2011. With many years of experience advising high-volume Amazon sellers, helping optimize and automate many aspects of their business, Victor has a deep technical understanding of the Amazon Marketplace and a strong knowledge of computer algorithms. Prior to Feedvisor, Victor was a founder of an innovative social media marketing startup and a senior R& manager at Sun Microsystems.
Pat Petriello
Head of Marketplace Strategy,
CPC Strategy
Pat is a former professional seller on,, eBay, and a former member of Amazon’s Seller Services Team. He now heads up CPC Strategy’s Amazon Sales Acceleration Program (ASAP), which is designed to equip professional third-party sellers and vendors with a Marketplace strategy focused on ongoing optimization and channel growth.
Paul Demery
Managing Editor, Internet Retailer Magazine
Paul is editor of the twice-weekly newsletter B2BecNews and, and managing editor of B2B eCommerce at Vertical Web Media LLC, the publisher of B2BecNews,, Internet Retailer magazine and other eCommerce publications. Prior to Vertical Web Media, he served as editor-in-chief/associate publisher of Electronic Commerce World magazine.
Andrew Forster
Strategic Account Manager, Feedvisor
Prior to Feedvisor, Andrew was a member of Amazon's Seller Services team holding positions in new seller recruitment within the consumer electronics and wireless categories. Most recently he was business development manager for the Amazon Exclusives program.
Michael Basilicato
Amazon Business Owner and Entrepreneur
With over a decade of marketing and sales experience under his belt, Michael advises numerous businesses worldwide on how to increase sales, produce higher profits and build a fortune. Having generated over a million dollars for a leading business in the past, Michael's consulting expertise is second to none.
Cynthia Stine
Founder, Online Sales Step by Step
Cynthia has more than 25 years of business, crisis and turnaround consulting experience. She is an influential blogger and author of the top-selling book: Make Thousands on Amazon in 10 Hours a Week! and the Amazon seller must-read: Suspension Prevention: Get Reinstated and Protect Your Amazon Seller Account
Peter Kearns
Director of Customer Success, Feedvisor
Peter has over 15 years of experience working with businesses in advertising, marketing, eCommerce – specifically Amazon. Prior to Feedvisor, Peter held positions at Amazon in strategic sales and sales leadership on the Seller Services team. He has helped hundreds of sellers launch on Amazon, generating more than $300 million (and counting) in gross merchant sales.
Lori Vardi-Brigg
VP Global Customer Success, Feedvisor
Leading the global Customer Success team, Lori is in charge of onboarding, product usage, best practices, training, customer support, professional services and building long-term relationships with Feedvisor's clients. She has extensive experience working with top financial institutions throughout Europe and SaaS customer support expertise.
Abhimanyu Saraf
Associate Vice President, 123Stores Inc.
Abhimanyu manages 123Stores Inc.'s sales and marketing efforts across 9 online marketplaces in the USA. With Amazon being its main revenue driver, Abhimanyu and his team utilize Feedvisor's platform to optimize the company's products' pricing strategies.

Why you should attend

  • A unique opportunity to network with other power sellers and industry leaders
  • Get thought leadership tips and practical solutions designed to amplify your Amazon business
  • Learn how to implement proven strategies to drive profitable multi-channel growth

Get a taster of our last summit:

“I extracted more actionable information from 8 hours at this summit than possibly all other expos I attended in all of 2015 combined."

Todd Handler
Top Amazon Seller
Attendee at Feedvisor's Miami Summit 2016
Feedvisor’s cloud-based Algorithmic Repricing and Revenue Intelligence solutions power millions of pricing decisions daily; providing retailers with actionable insights to maximize profitability and drive their business growth.