The 2021 Amazon Prime Day Playbook

Last year’s Prime Day was an unprecedented success for Amazon and its merchants, generating over $10 billion in total global sales, a 43% increase from 2019.

With 200 million Prime members worldwide, Prime Day 2021 will be bigger than ever. Is your business prepared to capitalize on these high-value shoppers?

In this tactical playbook, discover expert tips and data-backed strategies across pricing, advertising, inventory, and more to improve discoverability, drive sales, and maximize your overall Prime Day performance.

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What’s Inside the Playbook?

  • How to optimize listings and implement SEO-focused keywords on your product pages for maximum Prime Day discoverability
  • Inventory and shipment issues to look out for, plus how to prepare for them so you do not encounter restocking delays
  • Why a SKU-level approach to pricing helps optimize under-converting products and top-selling ASINs
  • Holistic advertising strategies that you can implement to maximize ad spend returns before, during, and after Prime Day

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