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Advertising Optimization and Intelligence

Maximize your ad performance and increase your organic ranking with our AI‑driven pay‑per‑click advertising campaign manager. Available via self-service or end‑to‑end managed services, you can select the model that makes the most sense for your business. Identify impactful keywords, predict demand, lower your ACoS, and uncover strategic ways to see the greatest return on your ad spend.
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Price Optimization and Intelligence

Powered by artificial intelligence, Feedvisor’s award‑winning algorithmic repricer has completely revolutionized marketplace selling. From driving higher demand and velocity to maximizing profits and optimizing your inventory, our best‑in‑class repricer accelerates your growth by responding to market dynamics, the competition, and your sales targets in real‑time.
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Brand Optimization and Intelligence

Maintain influence and control over your brand with our comprehensive brand managed services. We set up and optimize your product listings, deals, display ads, and A+ or Enhanced Brand Content — all to increase brand discovery and conversion. We also provide monthly performance reviews, strategic reputation management tactics, MAP insights, and analysis on key factors like your SEO or pay‑per‑click ads.
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Managing and expanding your brand’s presence on Amazon needs to be done with a specific, careful approach to achieve your desired results. Whether you are a 1P or 3P brand, Feedvisor can help you manage and differentiate your brand, drive traffic, increase your product visibility, and maximize your ROI.
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Establishing an effective pricing strategy on Amazon can be time‑consuming and risk cannibalizing your business if not approached properly. Feedvisor’s technology enables you to increase your conversions and marketplace exposure, grow profits, and effectively stand out from the competition.
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Large Sellers

Running a large Amazon store has become increasingly complex with heightened levels of competition and ever‑changing operational requirements. Discover how Feedvisor can give you the power to comprehensively monitor your performance, drive demand, and grow revenue — all while your business scales.
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Private Label

From sourcing products at the right price and competing with other sellers to creating demand and scaling operations, private labels face many different challenges on Amazon. Feedvisor answers all of them by driving brand awareness and discovery, analyzing demand generation opportunities, and implementing strategic advertising methodologies.
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“Feedvisor’s campaign manager helped us increase our product visibility on Amazon and reduce our ACoS by 17%. The team at Feedvisor was very hands‑on and provided recommendations throughout the entire process.”

— John R. | Enterprise Brand in the Apparel Category

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