Introducing the Only AI-Based Dynamic Pricing Technology for Brands and Private Labels on Amazon

ProductSphere™ Pricing:
Now Part of Feedvisor’s End-to-End Optimization and Intelligence Platform

30% average improvement in profit contribution dollars

27% average increase in sales*

*100% Privacy Guarantee Feedvisor respects your privacy.

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Outpace the Competition on Amazon

Through holistic competitor mapping, Feedvisor’s machine-learning algorithms identify who you are competing against in search and price optimally to help you win every transaction. The technology then continuously monitors your prices and tracks the influence of price changes on demand.

Optimize for Revenue or Profit

ProductSphere™ pricing allows you to set a SKU-specific pricing strategy according to your unique business objectives, such as revenue optimization, profit, or liquidation. With the ability to manually customize the balance between revenue and profit, you can effectively achieve your business goals at any stage of the product’s life cycle.

Pricing. Advertising. Brand Management. Intelligence.

ProductSphere™ pricing is now part of Feedvisor’s end-to-end optimization and intelligence platform, which offers best-in-class algorithmic repricing, strategic advertising campaign optimization, brand and content management, and intelligence to drive growth across key areas of your Amazon business.

Inside ProductSphere™ Pricing

Feedvisor’s dynamic, AI-driven pricing technology maps the entire competitive sphere for your branded, private label, and single-seller products.

It identifies competing, complementary, and substitute products on a SKU-specific basis and optimally prices against those relevant items in real time.

By knowing how to dynamically price your entire catalog, you will be equipped to win back demand from the competition and accelerate sales and profits on Amazon.

“Feedvisor’s new optimization technology prices against our relevant competitors in real time to help us achieve our growth targets.”

Leslie M. | Enterprise Electronics Brand

Dynamically Price Your Entire Catalog
With Feedvisor’s “AI-First” Platform

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