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  • Real-time algorithmic bidding optimization
  • Automated keyword generation and customized search graph
  • Advanced user interface and in-depth analytics
  • Continuous data-driven optimizations and budget balancing
  • Proven to improve sales rank and increase conversions
  • Premium technology made more accessible with new pricing models
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Real-Time Algorithmic Bidding

Feedvisor’s proprietary machine-learning algorithms continuously evaluate data and automatically optimize your manual and automatic campaigns in real time. This includes automated forecasting and budget allocation to avoid wasted ad spend on non-performing keywords.

Automated Keyword Harvesting

AI-driven keyword management automates keyword harvesting and generation, forecasts keyword popularity and efficacy to determine which will have the greatest impact over time, and pinpoints the most relevant search terms for each unique ASIN to outperform your competition.

Advanced UI and In-Depth Analytics

Feedvisor’s intuitive, AI-powered user interface automatically alerts you with performance metrics updates and directs you to needed optimization actions and customized, in-depth analytics across your manual and automatic campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and products.

Inside Feedvisor’s Advertising Optimization and Intelligence Platform

We have introduced a suite of new and enhanced features and a flexible pricing structure for our AI-driven Amazon Advertising solution.

  • AI-driven technology automatically adjusts bids according to your specific business strategies, such as profit generation.
  • Machine-learning algorithms continuously analyze data to pinpoint the most relevant search terms for each unique ASIN.
  • Automatic and manual campaigns are supported for keyword generation and negative keyword harvesting and forecasting.
  • Intuitive, AI-powered user interface allows you to monitor and manage your campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and products.

“Feedvisor’s advertising platform has helped us not only improve our search rank and take back market share from our competitors but also increase our operational efficiency in ways that a human alone never could.”

— Monica | Director of E-Commerce

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