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The Most Advanced AI-Driven Platform
and Deep Amazon Expertise for Maximizing Sales and Profitability

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  • AI-Powered Product Targeting and Audience Targeting
  • Autonomous Dayparting and Flexible Aggressiveness
  • Actionable Analytics and Holistic Performance Insights
  • NLP-Driven Keyword Harvesting and Forecasting
  • Data Advantage With SearchGraph and ProductSphere Technologies
  • Dedicated Team of 1P and 3P Amazon Experts
  • Real-Time Algorithmic Bidding and Flexible Aggressiveness
  • Automated Campaign Restructuring & Budget Balancing
  • Real-Time KPIs for All Campaigns in One Dashboard

Our clients see results:

72% increase in RoAS
64% increase in revenues
41% increase in CTR

Feedvisor’s Advertising Optimization and Intelligence platform empowers brands and retailers on Amazon to:

Drive Unparalleled

Grow your profitability and market share by focusing investment on the top-performing and most relevant keywords with precise bidding and targeting.

Automate and
Optimize 24/7

Our machine learning constantly monitors’ your products’ Search Graph and competition to predict exact bidding continuously.

Increase Bandwidth
and Efficiency

Our team of 1P and 3P Amazon experts provides ongoing campaign management and strategy optimizations to maximize efficiency and free up your time.

Grow Amazon RoAS by 72% with best-in-class AI technology, actionable analytics, and deep 1P/3P expertise.

  • Precise, data-backed automation and actionable analytics
  • Holistic performance dashboard with access to real-time KPIs
  • Available as a self-serve platform or managed by our team of experts