How to Remain Agile on Amazon During the Holiday Season

If this holiday season is anything like the last, Amazon is on pace to achieve another year of record-breaking sales numbers.

In order to prime your online operation for success, you have likely already implemented plans and operational processes to ensure a smooth quarter. However, as evident with Prime Day 2018, Amazon is unpredictable and anything can happen.

Despite already having a robust plan in place, you need to know how to be proactive and nimble to handle any challenge that arises in Q4. In this guide, we provide actionable ways for you to increase visibility of your listings, as well as course-correct when things go awry.

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What’s Inside the Guide?

  • Specific ways to capitalize on your fourth quarter plan to ensure that you are maximizing your chances for success
  • Real-life examples of how automating Q4-heavy processes such as inventory management, demand planning, and competitive pricing can be optimized with the right technology
  • Unique strategies, custom to the holiday season, to drive traffic to your product listings
  • Details about key dates you should know for inventory planning and marketing promotion

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