What You Need to Know About MAP Compliance on Amazon
How to Identify Violators, Protect Your Brand, and Take Action

When it comes to selling your brand on Amazon, price erosion and brand erosion come hand in hand. If you do not implement a MAP policy for your brand, you risk diminishing your brand’s value proposition and therefore the prices of your products.

In our latest guide, learn how to keep your brand identity front and center while simultaneously finding and dealing with MAP violators, ensuring compliance moving forward, and optimizing your relationships with those in your seller network.

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What's Inside the Guide?

  • A helpful overview of minimum advertising price policies and why they exist
  • How to identify MAP violators — both authorized and unauthorized — and enforce your policies moving forward
  • The benefits of MAP policies to all stakeholders — your brand, sellers, and consumers
  • Detailed actions you can take against those that violate your MAP agreements

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