6 Ways to Prep Your Amazon Business for Success in 2019

Once the high-volume holiday season draws to a close, Amazon sellers and brands almost instantly enter into another salient period of time: the new year. Characterized by an influx of product returns and a post-holiday sales lull, the first few months of the new year represent a key time for you to optimize various aspects of your Amazon business.

In our most recent guide, discover how you can effectively prepare your Amazon business for growth in 2019. Touching on inventory, shipping, returns, portfolio analysis, pricing, and advertising, find out how you can leverage these facets of your business to help you cut costs, identify productive operational processes, and increase conversions.

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What's Inside the Guide?

  • How you can drive down costs associated with FBA shipping and inventory
  • Specific examples that demonstrate how AI can completely transform your inventory and pricing strategies
  • Detailed ways to navigate returns in the new year and beyond
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to perform a SKU-by-SKU analysis for selling and non-selling items and why the new year is a good time for brands to consider diversifying to 3p
  • How you can increase product discovery and leverage targeted advertising for typical Q1 strategies such as product launches or end-of-life item liquidation

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