2019 Amazon Prime Day Playbook

Nearly half (48%) of current Prime members plan to make a purchase during this year’s Prime Day.

Now is the time to start strategizing around how to make sure that Prime Day is both successful and profitable for your Amazon business — and capitalize on the loyal consumers who anticipate making a purchase during the global shopping event.

In this data-backed playbook, receive insights on consumers’ plans for the event, tactics to achieve your sales goals, and strategies to optimize your store across pricing, advertising, inventory, and more.

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What’s Inside the Playbook?

  • Various statistics on Prime membership and what will motivate these high-value consumers to purchase on Prime Day
  • How to effectively optimize your listings in advance of Prime Day to aid rankings and discoverability
  • Key dates to know, such as the deadlines for submitting Lightning Deals and getting FBA inventory to fulfillment centers
  • Tips to ensure that you have an actionable advertising plan in place and how to maximize impact
  • Strategies for price optimization to help you remain competitive and drive sales

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