The Generation Series

How to Appeal to Millennial Consumers on Amazon

Wielding $600 billion in annual spending power, with a preference for digital shopping channels, 91% of millennials agree that they are more likely to buy products from Amazon over other e-commerce sites.

To win the hearts — and wallets — of this critical consumer segment, sellers and brands must gain an understanding of millennials’ unique wants and needs.

In this compact guide, discover key characteristics of millennial habits on Amazon to help inform your marketing strategy and ultimately earn their coveted loyalty.

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What’s Revealed in the Guide?

  • Distinctive traits of millennial consumers and elements of their shopping behavior on Amazon
  • Strategies to optimize your product detail pages for mobile and social outlets
  • Tactics to position your products, brand, and online presence to resonate with the millennial audience
  • Actionable insights and statistics you can leverage to capture and retain their attention

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