The Amazon Buy Box Playbook for Brands

Today’s brands — both those on Amazon and those that have not yet forged an Amazon strategy — are focused on getting in front of new audiences, driving brand awareness, and increasing conversion.

In fact, our recent report Brands & Amazon: Insights, Opportunities, and Concerns in the Age of E-Commerce, revealed that 97% of brands on Amazon believe the strongest benefit to the platform is acquiring new customers.

It is important to distinguish, however, that first-party and third-party brands have different selling strategies and business models when it comes to Amazon, particularly with how they approach the Buy Box. In this playbook, discover how the Buy Box impacts brands of all types, along with specific strategies to maintain brand presence and protection amidst Amazon’s dynamic selling landscape.

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What’s Inside the Playbook?

  • Brand presence optimization measures that brands can take to help increase their Buy Box share
  • Specific ways that brands can navigate Buy Box suppression
  • Examples of how 1P and 3P brands’ relationship with the Buy Box differs

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