The Amazon SEO Playbook

The Amazon marketplace is hyper-competitive and inundated with an ever-increasing number of retailers and brands. As a result, it can seem difficult or even impossible to improve your product ranking and visibility.

To mitigate this challenge, and help you understand and effectively navigate Amazon’s search algorithm, we created a comprehensive playbook for establishing and executing a meticulous Amazon SEO strategy.

The playbook includes a detailed overview of how Amazon’s search algorithm works, as well as an abundance of Amazon SEO best practices and insights to enable higher search placements and improved engagement levels for your products.

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What’s Inside the Playbook?

  • How Amazon’s A9 algorithm works and performs searches at scale
  • Examples of Amazon keyword research tools and tips to mine SEO-rich keywords
  • Strategies to optimize your on-page content and backend keywords
  • An overview of indirect ranking factors that are critical to results such as your sales

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