The State of the Amazon Marketplace 2019

64% of sellers make more than half of their total e-commerce revenue from Amazon.

More and more sellers are placing Amazon at the center of their online strategies, noting the ROI and access to a wide consumer base it provides.

To help sellers benchmark their performance on the marketplace, we surveyed a diverse group of Amazon sellers regarding their revenue and profit figures, advertising plans, goals for the year, areas of concern, and more.

This report aims to provide actionable insights on how sellers are doing relative to their competitors and sheds light on where they can optimize their businesses.

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What’s Inside the Report?

  • How sellers compare to their competitors across key areas of Amazon such as pricing, advertising, content, and inventory
  • Sellers’ opinions on newsworthy topics such as Amazon private labels and the shifting of brands to 3P
  • The measures sellers are taking to improve their operational efficiency and scalability
  • How sellers utilize technology to optimize their pricing and advertising strategies
  • Qualitative insights such as how many sellers say they need help managing their operation

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