How to Launch New Products on Amazon

Sellers are eager to expand their existing product lines on Amazon to stay competitive and also because they know that, given Amazon’s vast consumer base, there will be an audience to satisfy demand.

Between finding the right additions to your catalog that make sense for your business, optimizing product copy and images, establishing an advertising cadence, and pricing competitively, there are many factors to consider in a successful product launch.

This detailed toolkit provides clear and concise strategies for you to implement to ensure a smooth new product launch, including the steps you should take leading up to the launch and what you can do thereafter to drive discovery and conversion.

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What’s Inside the Toolkit?

  • Key factors to consider when scouting for new products
  • Quick tips to ensure Amazon TOS-compliant product detail pages
  • Important best practices for experimenting with product bundling
  • Ways to accelerate sales with price and advertising optimization

Successfully Launch New Products on Amazon With Feedvisor

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