2020 Q4 Trends and Projections
The Digital Revolution of Retail and E‑Marketplaces

The peak of the COVID-19 retail crisis has abated, but consumer demand for e-commerce remains remarkably strong. Category sales growth across Amazon and Walmart continues to rise, up 43% in July.

Has consumer behavior permanently shifted to digital channels? How will this shift alter the retail industry and trajectory for e-commerce?

In this unparallelled report, our experts examine exclusive Feedvisor data, pinpointing key growth trends and consumer behaviors, to reveal our projections for the future of e-marketplaces in Q4 and beyond.

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What’s Revealed in the Report?

  • How COVID-19 disrupted essential and nonessential category sales across the top U.S. e-marketplaces, Amazon and Walmart
  • The pandemic’s impact on marketers’ approach to advertising and media spend as well as ad performance metrics
  • Data-backed projections for the growth of e-marketplace sales in H2 2020, particularly the Q4 holiday season
  • Feedvisor’s predictions for what the new era of e-commerce will look like and how brands and retailers must adapt to succeed

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