2021 Amazon and E‑Marketplace Trends and Predictions

No one — not even Amazon — was prepared for the events that have unfolded over the past year. The COVID-19 pandemic has tested the limits of e-commerce, and there is certainly much work to be done.

As a brand or retailer in today’s digital-first climate, staying informed of the latest e-commerce initiatives, consumer trends, and technological transformations is not an option but an imperative.

In our latest report, we have compiled the top Amazon and e-marketplace trends and happenings of 2020 as well as our 2021 predictions for you to keep in mind as you map your strategy for the active year ahead.

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What’s Revealed in the E-Book?

  • A recap of the biggest occurrences within retail and e-commerce in 2020 and their implications for your business
  • Key statistics about brands and consumers and how their needs and priorities have shifted since the pandemic
  • Details of e-marketplace expansion and digital advertising advancements, and how you can capitalize on this growth
  • 2021 predictions of consumer behavior, brand and retailer trends, and e-commerce offerings, and how to adapt alongside them

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