7 Tips to Navigate Account Suspension on Amazon

Over one-third (36%) of Amazon sellers cite account suspension as their top concern with operating on the marketplace. Is your account at risk?

With a mission to instill shopper trust and loyalty, Amazon this year is cracking down on sellers that violate its strict rules and regulations around counterfeits, price gouging, false health claims, and more.

In this guide, we outline seven expert-backed tips to manage and respond to account suspension as well as strategies you can employ to proactively prevent account suspension in the future.

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What’s Revealed in the Guide?

  • How to perform an account audit to identify the cause of your suspension
  • Specific metrics you should analyze to determine your course of action for reinstatement
  • Product listing maintenance and optimization tips to avoid customer confusion and copyright infringement
  • Strategies to avoid shipping and return policies that can lead to suspension

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