2020 Holiday Shopping Preview:
Consumer Trends, Sentiment, and Insights for Q4
Based on a Survey of 2,000+ U.S. Consumers

The ongoing effects from the COVID-19 crisis have left brands and retailers awash with uncertainty in their preparations for the ever-important Q4 period. Holiday strategies that worked in the past are no longer suitable, as consumer behavior and priorities have drastically shifted.

Will shoppers buy fewer gifts this year? How much of their holiday shopping will be done online — and where?

This timely report uncovers in-depth data around how the pandemic has affected consumers’ spending habits, the impact on e-commerce, and how to ensure you meet the needs of your customers when, where, and how they shop this holiday season.

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What’s Revealed in the Report?

  • Insights on consumers’ spending plans for key holiday sales dates and which events they expect to find the best deals
  • Statistics around how much shopping consumers plan to complete online versus in-store and the platforms they prefer
  • Which loyalty programs consumers are subscribed to and the incentives that motivate them to make a purchase
  • The product categories consumers plan to shop most this season and the types of purchases they intend to make

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