How to Diversify to EMarketplaces Beyond Amazon

While the COVID-19 pandemic has solidified Amazon’s dominant role in e-commerce, it has also helped strengthen competing e-marketplaces Walmart and eBay.

Diversifying your online presence and inbound revenue streams to these growing channels will help you limit risks associated with single-channel selling while driving incremental growth and product exposure.

In this guide, we explain how you can successfully establish a presence on Walmart and eBay once your Amazon presence is solidified, how the two platforms compare to Amazon, required selling fees, advertising options, and more.

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What’s Revealed in the Guide?

  • Step-by-step instructions to getting started on Walmart and eBay, including any eligibility requirements to consider
  • Data-driven statistics on how many sellers are operating on Walmart and eBay in addition to Amazon
  • Measures the two companies are taking to remain competitive with Amazon
  • Must-know details regarding seller performance, fees, and advertising on both marketplaces

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