Prime Day Analysis:
2020 Results, Insights, and Projections for Holiday Selling

Preparing for the first Amazon Prime Day in Q4 left brands and retailers awash with uncertainty. How would the new date impact shopper turnout? Should you have invested more in Prime Day or the upcoming Cyber Five?

With 51% of consumers viewing Prime Day as the kickoff to the holiday shopping season, driving performance during the event is crucial to your business’s sustained success for the remainder of Q4.

In this special report, we examine Feedvisor customer sales and advertising data across Amazon’s U.S. marketplace during Prime Day 2020, identifying key takeaways and performance indicators to share our insights for the remainder of the holiday shopping season.

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What’s Revealed in the Report?

  • Statistics regarding consumers’ sentiment toward Prime Day 2020 and their purchase intent
  • How brands’ and retailers’ sales this year compared to Prime Day 2019 and which categories excelled the most
  • Amazon Advertising performance metrics, including RoAS and ad spend
  • Data-backed projections for what to expect in the remainder of Q4

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