The 2020 Amazon Advertising Playbook

Advertisers spent more than $14 billion on Amazon in 2019. As Amazon continues to serve a crucial role in consumers’ lives, advertising on the platform must be prioritized to maintain discovery and conversions.

Brands and retailers, now more than ever, must up the ante on their overall media strategy and spend allocation to ensure every dollar provides trackable ROI.

In this playbook, uncover everything you need to know about Amazon’s holistic ad portfolio, from traditional Sponsored ads to newer features, such as video in search ads.

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What’s Revealed in the Playbook?

  • An overview of every Amazon ad type, from Sponsored ads and DSP to Amazon Live and Lightning Deals
  • Recent updates to traditional ad types, as well as new features for beta programs such as Posts and Amazon Attribution
  • A deep-dive breakdown of ad targeting capabilities, keyword match type, and negative keywords
  • Key advertising metrics to track to avoid wasted ad spend

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