The Amazon Inventory Management Playbook
Replenishment, Liquidation, and Optimization

Nearly half (45%) of Amazon sellers say inventory management is an aspect of their business that needs improvement.

From mastering replenishment and cycling through end-of-life inventory to pivoting for seasonality and accurately forecasting demand, inventory management is a critical, complex element to any Amazon operation — and one which always has room for optimization.

This playbook is dedicated to helping you establish a healthy inventory position, understand your catalog and SKU-by-SKU performance, and accelerate your sales while keeping pace with demand.

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What’s Revealed in the Playbook?

  • Bespoke strategies to help you categorize your catalog and effectively forecast demand
  • The importance of maintaining a healthy IPI and how to do so
  • Ongoing techniques to improve inventory performance, such as competitive pricing and PPC advertising
  • How you can shape your inventory management to accomodate for seasonal sales fluctuations, such as around Prime Day

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