The Amazon Reputation Management Playbook
How to Improve Your Feedback, Ratings, and Reviews

Policies and delivery windows are changing each day due to the COVID-19 crisis, causing confusion among sellers and consumers alike. Proactive communication with your customers has never been more critical.

Do you have a process in place to ensure you are responding to queries and reviews in a timely manner? How do you handle negative seller feedback or product ratings?

In this playbook, we provide expert-curated strategies to improve your feedback, ratings, and reviews on Amazon to help you manage customer expectations and establish marketplace credibility.

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What’s Inside the Playbook?

  • Clear explanations of the frequently confused “feedback,” “ratings,” and “reviews” terms and how they differ
  • A breakdown of Amazon’s rating and review system and what actions are prohibited on the marketplace
  • Real examples of why feedback is important and how you can proactively prevent negative feedback
  • Strategies to promote product reviews on your Amazon detail pages and respond to negative ones

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